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Fixing A Hole In A Guitar

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I have a flying V copy that has a covered hole in it where the bridge used to be. It is covered with a piece of wood about 1/4 inch thick at the most.

I guess it had a strat type tremelo on it at one point. I see six small screw holes in the deck.

it still has the trem claw/spring area open.

Original specs on this guitar were a solid mounted strat type bridge (non tremelo) with strings running through the body.

I would like to convert it to a tune-o-matic bridge.

How does one go about doing this?

Should I route the holes out to a perfect square and glue a block(s) of wood into it to fill?

I have a trem claw area to fill, and the obvious hole in the top of the guitar that has a 1/4 piece of wood covering it.

Some more info. I have a bigsby trem going on it, and the tune-o-matic bridge has piezos built into it. Going for the Lonnie mack V clone


How would you guys fix it, and how much will this screw up the tone?

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How would you guys fix it, and how much will this screw up the tone?

Would not screw up the tone. Needs to be plugged with a very accurate solid wood full depth plug(s) the tune o matic holes drilled and the inserts installed and then the paint touched up or in your case its easier to refinish the body. Lots of work for a clone.

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