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Three Strats, "Elvis", "Gepard" & "Sunbur

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After these three Strats from the earliy 80s there are two more to come.

The King strat in ash (3-piece), Duncan pu's, Schaller hardware.


Midnigt blue strat with alder body, Schaller pu and jap. brass hardware (not Schaller this time :-)


Sunburst strat in mahogany with drop top in flamed maple, body binding, black chrome Schaller hardware and Schaller Gold Hot Stuff pickups.

All my tops these days came from a German violin supplier, don't know if they still are in business, but I will try to track them down.


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That Ash is -really- a great look, thanks for posting that pic!

I am finding myself staring at that Ash a lot, what a good-lookin' Ash body!

Superb! Ole! B)

How did you fill in the Ash pores on that one and finish it? Looks really great.

I generally don't like the bare Ashed look too much, but this one is a real head turner. I'm loving it. I'd pull that Elvis guard offa there and put on more Ash! :D

BTW, I'd like to see this effect( maybe for a pickguard?)...


Done to this Ash, I think it would look cool...


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Damn....I was upset enough as these ugly engraved leather pickguards and tops were introduced in this forum and praised, but recommending to hide a exceptional figured wood like this piece of ash under that ugly wannabe-western piece of **** is a real sin in my eyes. Do you really prefer that ugly piece of leather to the stunning piece of Alder?

P.s.: Dont take me to serious but I really dont like this engraved leather stuff.

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not taking you too seriously or anything but i feel i should explain the idea behind that motif on the tele.

country music guys are who usually playthis type of a guitar...teles are really popular in country.country music players love guitars,trucks,and horses.

many horsemen prefer to emboss their saddles in just such a fashion.many the expensive saddle is judged by it's embossing as well as it's quality of workmanship

this guitar is meant to appeal to just such a man...itis the crossover between western saddles and country music.

may sound silly but i have lived around horsemen all my lives.they love that stuff.

anyway there is your little country time story for the day :D

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Thats not an airbrush job, just a thin plexiglass pickguard on top of the regular one, with the image sandwiched in between (customer request). You can change the pic in 10 minutes.

Sorry no back picture of the ash body.

There is no grain filler on the ash body, just layer upon layer of nitro a+ sanding. The pores are filled up with clear nitro.

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