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Jackson King V Template/schematics

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im looking for a template/dimensions of the jackson king V body.. i need to know the precise dimensions if anyone has the means to get them, the exact radiuses of all curves, lengths of each straight, etc, electronics cavity wouldnt hurt either... if its a 2D cad image that would be great, i could convert it to 3D and upload it somewhere...

im willing to trade as well.. i have the schematics for strat, i have a 3D cad rendering of a les paul body, i have the ibanez RG and jem schematics, the ESP F series, BC rich warlock and beast, jackson kelly and rhoads V.. if youre interested and willing to give me a little time im willing to convert to a 3D cad with full dimensions and pickup/pocket routings

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actually.. i have the jackson king V 3d model now.. i found the schematics to a rhoads V, which has the same general shape for a horn.. but a little larger.. so what i did was removed the lower half of the rhoads V, mirred the image, and even got the crotch radius contour just about right... if i knew a key dimension of the king V, i could scale this down to the proper scale, and have a full king V solid model if anyone was interested in it

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