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Finishing A Setneck - How To Hold


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I'm getting ready to finish my second build, my first build used a bolt on style neck and this one is a setneck. On the bolt on style, I built simple "handles" that attached to the neck pocket for the body and the base of the neck.

Curious as to what others use to hold a set neck guitar while finishing. My plan is hang the guitar from the screw hole on the body the will be used for the bridge side strap button.

FWIW>I've tried several searches and wasn't able to find much.

Thanks in advance.


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I use the same "handles" that I use for bolt on bodies (a wooden screw weld to a short metal pipe and that is weld to a hook, this thin screwed into the strap button hole). And as I mask the fret board with tape I form a "handle" out of tape on top of the masking. That way I start spraying the body, holding it at the neck as Perry suggests and when the body is done I swing it around, still holding it at the neck, spray the head, hang it up and use the "tape handle" to carefully spin the body to spray the neck.

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Thanks for the help guys. Just have to motivate myself to finish sanding. Have gotten into tube amp building lately and can't seem to get focused on the final sanding on this guitar.

Thanks again


Take your time when you do, you'll be glad you did. No one crows about all the time it takes to get that finish to "look like that"

I've done three that turned out ok finish wise, and people think their just the nuts, "how did you do that?".....I know they are not my best yet, but its a great boost to my ego.

Just trying to encourage you, michael!


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I actually built a stand out of 2 by 4s and put a swivel hanging down, that attaches to a bolt i put through the tuner hole. This way, I am able to spin the guitar freely, without touching it. I just turn the swivel. I had the swivel alredy, and the lumber was also given to me. I use this rig all the time now. I added other attachments in other places for things like cover plates, and necks. It definately makes things easier

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