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Customizing My Schecter Omen7, Need Advise!

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First of all hai peeps, long time no posting.

A few days ago i decided to get my customizing of my omen7 done.

It's a 25.5" scale basswood body for those who don't know.

Normal blank black painted. Currently equipped with a Lundgren M7 in the bridge.

Im tired of those normal black guitars and decided to repaint it, since it's cheap i don't really mind to try repainting it.

Only thing that worries me is the string through (pic 1 & 2), how do you actually unmount them, anyone done this before and can tell me the best way to not harm them or the guitar to much?

Second, i was thinking about making it vintage looking by matting the paint afterwards, any suggestions?

And for starting, should i sandpaper it all the way down to the wood or just matt the black paint down to get the primer to grip first?

The primer im using is a grey one, and on top of that i was thinking white.

It's car color, one of the strongest ones you can find in sweden. Been painting alot with the brand before and it's strong.

For restoration, is that a bad idea or? i guess sandpapering down through the white onto the grey is the way to go with maybe 1200 sandpaper thinkness.

For pups, im gonna throw that neck puck away, had the M7 only earlier but decided to put back the neck pup when i diden't have a 6 string to be able to record some other then metal on it but, these days i never use it so im gonna close up that hole and putty and fill it nicley.

So advice plx guys! //All the best Jimmie from Vildhjarta

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Experience with a Schecter C1- Elite guitar. The paint is HARD. Under the paint is a sealer/primer that looks opaque. Sand the paint off, leave the sealer. If you get into the wood, you will be forced to seal that section and smooth it out. Also from experience.

After you get done, you can feel good about having a unique "off the shelf" guitar.

Good luck!

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