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Cnc / Dxf Files

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Hey guys.

I´m planning to build my own first guitar.

I want to make as much as possible on CNC since i have the options to do it for free through at my work. I respect those of you who´s hand made everything, i just don´t have the time for that.

I hope some of you could tell me where to find the files, CAD, DXF drawing or what it´s called. There gotta be a lot of places to find them.

I´m looking to do a ESP Eclipse in the first place, and Gibson LP style after that.

I´m new here, but think it´s a cool place here, and hope to find some help.

I´m also very interested in where to find alround informations about building my first guitar.

Last question.

I found a lot of places to buy the bindings for the guitar. Stewart Mack etc... But i can´t find anywhere to buy the same kind of binding as on a LP Custom. You know the trible kind of binding (white/black/white/black....)

I can´t wait to hear a lot of response from you guys :D

Best regards


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Welcome to the board Brian. In all honesty, you'll find that the CNC work will take just as much time as doing it by hand anyway what with all the setup and that. Les Pauls are better done by hand unless you have a duplicarver and a donor body to copy carve from.

Yeah, as Wood mentioned - laminated binding will need laminating by hand :-D

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