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Dirge for november

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It would seem to me to be quite a common wiring setup, yet I can't find one on the sites i'm familiar with. The setup in question is: 2 p-90's 1 vol. 1 tone and a 3 way switch.

I'm on the edge of understanding how wiring actually works, so if I have this one I'll be able to understand more by comparing! (I probably could interpret a 2 'bucker 1vol. 1tone diagram but I haven't figured out how to compare 2 wire to 4 wire pickups)

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks. It's still not completely clear to me though. I see 5 wires. I guess bare and green should be my braid, and as the box on the bottom states the center (black in my case) should go to the switch. I don't quite understand what I have to do with white (If I ignore red&black... Did you by any chance mean to ignore red&white?)

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yes green (pup coil start) and bare (pickup base and cover(if it has one) earth) are your braid, pup coil start and earth are connected inside your pup.

Yes i did mean ignore red and white, oops! they are the end of one coil and start of the other, this connection is done inside 2 conductor pups.

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