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5 Piece Deep Set Custom


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its been a long time since i have been on this site and im starting to wonder why you guys have the best forum out.

well back to the point

thismorning i started my new project a 27" baritone because im sick of short scale guitars not being able to handle low tunings(drop a) im using 70 gauge strings at the moment on my lp(24 3/4') and my vendetta(25.5') and both are preforming ok but nothing special so i decided i was making a baritone instead of a 8 string.

i made up the neck blank with a purple heart strip down the center then two 10mm strips of walnut on either side then finished off with flame maple on the sides. it is glued up and sitting there waiting till i have time to work on it again.

body is one piece blackwood cut into my own custom shape that i have used for 2 previous guitars

the grain looks beautiful in the blackwood but the color is weak and pale so im going to stain a nice dark black to tie in well with the other timbers.

ebony fretboard maple inlays(this is already done took me 6 hours!!!!!)

so far with the body all i have done is cut the shape and routed the neck pocket(deep set past bridge)

tomorrow if i get the time i will start the neck carving and get some pics up(if i can find someone i can steal a camera from) of the progress and all the beastly machines of metal i have made so far LMAO

hardwear i have sitting round for when its done.

pups: direct mount emg's or blackouts i guess:( IF ANYONE KNOWS OF PASSIVE PICKUPS THAT CAN HANDLE DROP A PLEASE!!! PM ME!!!!

bridge:Schaller Hannes(top two saddles modified for large gaugestrings) (routed underneath to avoid neck angle and save time)

tuners:grover rotomatics(drilled for 70 ga strings)

2 way truss

extra jumbo fret wire

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27" will work nicely. I made a 27" conversion neck for my Explorer which plays really nicely with a 12-56 set. If you're working in drop A, a 70/0.07 string is way too heavy in gauge (I presume you used these on the 25.5/24-3/4?) and you'll have big issues with holding that neck back or bending strings!! A 27" 7-string in BEADGBE works fine with a "standard" set of strings with an additional low B string, so 13-59 is probably the way to go with the bottom six of a seven. My eight uses a custom set of 09/11/16/24w/32w/42w/54w/70w tuned F#BEADGBE over 30", and that's a nice balance of tension and tone vs. playability.

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thanks for the reply man.

i had 70's on my esp flame baritone (George Lynch sig)before i sold the thing and it played like a dream, probably for the reasons of how "weirdly" i do a set up but how i play is how a play.

guitar is actually all finished now plays a treat i ended up putting a flame maple cap on each wing and stained it purple to match in with the neck it looks insane but still no camera:(

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