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How, Or Should, I Hide A Crack In The Finish?

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I found an acoustic guitar in the dumpster where I live last year. It is an Almirez-read Korean knock-off- dreadnaught with a cracked bridgeplate and the heel of the neck lifting off of the body. After taking it to a local luthier and given an estimate of $450 to get it playable, I decided to try to fix it myself. I drilled a hole through the heel ainto the body and moved the strap nut to camoflage the bolt that secures the neck. :D

It stays in tune and plays nicely, but the finish is cracked where the heel of the neck is attached to the body. How should I go about hiding the cracked finish, osr should I just keep it that way.

I will attach pics when I can to show what I am talking about.

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