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Three Small Questions

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I have three questions:

1) The licensed Floyd on my Squire Showcaster (bought so I don't have to worry too much about someone stealing / breaking it at a gig) has a screw in arm which screws into another bit which then screws into the trem. Can I change it to be the type that you can adjust to stay where you want it and not just lock in place or hang loose (I'm not explaining this very well!). What are the parts I need called?

2) Anyone know what these guitars are made of?

3) I cleaned the fretbord with lemon oil for the first time last week. I like the look of it when it's wet, would Tru Oil give me that look permanently if I applied a fair few coats to the fretboard?


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Hey Dylanwad!

1: The licensed floyd normally has a system where you just tighten the trem arm in, and however much you tighten it is how much it'll swing. There should also be a screw on the other side of the trem arm that you can tighten with an allen wrench. You want to make sure that one is all the way tight. Don't over tighten it though, because licenced floyds (probably Original Floyds too fwiw these days) will strip, and then you'll have fun buying new parts.

2. Normally fender and squire will make their lower end guitars out of poplar, aldar or something like that. I'm willing to guess it is made out of poplar due to its light weight and how well it accepts finishes.

3. Any finish that you put on the fretboard will probably wear down eventually. I'm not sure if anyone on the forum has had success with finishing the fingerboard though... I know maple boards are finished, but I don't know what with. Hopefully someone else knows more.

The search function on the forum should help you answer any of these questions, for future reference.

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