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Ever Use Big Leaf Maple For A Neck?

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I had bought some flame maple for a few necks earlier this year. I built one and started another out of it.

I now have a finished neck. I used the same wood for the fret board. I had a problem with the fret ends popping up (just a little)... and they went in too easy. So I super glued them down. Then I started thinking... went into my pile of scraps and saw the big color/hardness difference between my older maple and the newer stuff.

So I was at my local wood store today to look at the flame maple I bought. Then I noticed the sign had changed. It now read "Soft Flamed Maple". Now I should have known better because I have been at this a long time but sometimes.... anyway.

Ever use Big Leaf Maple for a neck and fretboard?

Or should I salvage the trussrod and make firewood out of it?

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I have some very nice flamed soft maple I was going to use for fretboards- but quickly changed my mind thinking it's too soft for that.

Unfortunately most of it was already thicknessedand half of them have fret slots cut in them, so the wood is *almost* useless now. I've decided to resaw them and use for binding.

Should be ok for a neck. But it may move quite a bit with changes of the seasons.

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