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Electrify Martin Acoustic


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My son has a Martin acoustic guitar. He has an opportunity to play in an acoutstic group but would need to add a pickup to his 'axe'. He did an inquiry at his local NYC shop and they said that there are two types: One goes under the bridge, then the end strap holder is drilled out and an input is put in place. The other method is 'just' an add-on pickup...

Any suggestions?

Input, please!


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I've used both types. the under the bridge is a piezo pickup, these work pretty well but can be kind of "quacky". I've also used the type that mount in the sound hole. I have a Dean Markly that I bounce between my sigma 12 string which had a piezo pickup in it, it sounded pretty crappy but it was also very old they are much different now, and my ovation. It sounds really good. I wired it thru the strap button that way there is no issue with the cable hanging out of the sound hole.

Good luck!


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