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Schaller Guitar Tuners

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I was poking around the Schaller website, and I'm thinking I'd like to get my hands on the M6 with the nylon body. (link)

I'm also interested in their knurled knob tuner buttons, which seem to be similar to what is used on the Yahama RGX

I can't seem to find anywhere I can order these parts online in the US. I haven't looked incredibly hard, but I was curious if anyone has any leads.

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Not easy to find Schaller stuff, even here in Europe. Try one of the German online houses (Thomann's pretty good, but they don't seem to carry this model). I actually have an old nylon set that dates back to the 70s. They're on an acoustic now, still going strong.

Is this to keep the weight of the neck down (for your baritone project)? If you look at the weight of the M6 Light compared the M6 Mini, the difference is very small -- about 12 grams for a full set. You might look into changing the metal buttons --that would help reduce the weight of any tuner set, I'd guess.

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Actually, it's for that SG build I made - just enough neck dive to be annoying, but I pulled out a different strap, so it's not so much of an issue. I think I'm just going to pull something out of the parts bin right now - I didn't have any black tuners, so I grabbed some cheap eBay specials. I'm thinking of selling that build, so it really needs some decent tuners.

I was looking at getting some M6 minis anyway, but these looked neat and I thought I'd give them a try if I could get them easily. Doesn't seem to be the case, however!

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Well, I'm getting started on a baritone build with a 29.75" scale neck, so I might be facing this issue. I don't mind a slight amount of neck dive, since I kind of hold the neck downward when I'm singing anyway (helps me keep an eye on my fretting hand).

Still, I'll be using Grover mini locking tuners (always do, and I have the set on hand anyway). According to Stew Mac they come it at 7.65 oz. (216.88 grams) for the set. I'll look into replacing the knobs if they turn out to be too heavy. So far on my prototype it seems okay. I have a set of aluminum buttons from an old set, they seem pretty light too.

You might look into vintage style tuners -- the Gotoh Vintage Style locking tuners come in at 5.65 oz. (160.18 grams) --that's starting to make a significant difference.

And Gotoh's vintage (non-locking) Keystone tuners are even lighter -- 5.22 oz. (147.99 grams) --probably because of the plastic knobs.

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