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Inca/firemist Silver

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I'd like to do a Fender-style Inca Silver or Firemist Silver. Easiest solution is going to purchase the Inca Silver from Reranch. Thing is, I've finally gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable with my current finishing process, using KTM-9 and my ghetto spray gun (and airbrush for sunbursts and touchups), and have been happy with the results I'm getting both with clear and color coats. I'd like to continue using that system, or other similar waterborne finishes. I'm uncertain about the concept of mixing Reranch's nitro-based products with the waterborne clear coats; it seems like combining types of finish isn't the best idea? I don't really relish going to an all rattle-can based finish.

My understanding is that these silver colors are simply fine metallic powders suspended in a finish. Where would I purchase this material if I'd like to experiment with mixing it in my waterborne lacquers? Is it at all compatible with waterbase lacquer? I'm willing to experiment, (and I'd assume that was a necessity given that I haven't sprayed metallics before) if the idea isn't totally flat out wrong.

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So the first few metallic paint additives I stumbled across ( like these folks) recommended against adding them to water-based products, as the water will cause the metallic particles to corrode or patina unexpectedly. Sounds like I want something mica-based?

Came up with a few leads:

Jacquard pigments: I believe I can obtain these locally, so that may be a good first thing to try. The description sounds more like it is a pearlescent, but the pictures appear more glitter/flake-esque, but they appear to be enlarged quite a bit.

Blue Pearl metallic pigments at Metallic Mart these mention specifically that they mix into water based systems. Might be my best shot. I'll probably order a small one of these and experiment.

While surfing Dick Blick's art supplies, I ran across Auto Air Colors, who make an waterbased finishing products. They have a pretty extensive line and seemed aimed at the detailer crowd. Anyone here have experience with them? Using another waterbased lacquer seems my best bet if I'm hoping for compatibility across products. Look at the Auto Air Colors website, they don't manufacture a clear coat - their documentation seems to recommend a urethane clear coat, but they do seem to indicate the product is compatible with most other lacquers.

So a this point I'm thinking I'll experiment with the Jacquard stuff if I can get it locally, and if not order some of the stuff from metallic mart. With the temperature as it is now, there's not much experimenting I can do - I'll probably play with a brush for now, but I might be able to get the airbrush out for a few tests. If those powder additives aren't working, as it comes into spring, I'll see about playing with reranch or the auto air stuff and how well it combines with KTM-9. I'll report back!

In the meantime, any pointers are still greatly appreciated! If someone wants to point me to a painters forum that might be more helpful, that's fine too.

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