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Post Your First Build.

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Blinkknot and Jon, I like both of your first builds! They're excellent designs (except yours, Jon, but a gloss black pickguard is a negative 45 points :D). I wish I had a better pic of my first to offer, but:

here it is

smudged and dirty after a few months of having it in the dorm. As far as I'm concerned, the second one is light-years ahead of it, and the third will be much better even than the second!

@John: I feel that 4th edition made the system play a lot like World of Warcraft. I'm still trying to get a handle on it, but I'm sticking with 3.5 for an unspecified time hahaha. I also have my doubts about Diablo III. Feels like the same thing is happening to it.

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@John: I feel that 4th edition made the system play a lot like World of Warcraft. I'm still trying to get a handle on it, but I'm sticking with 3.5 for an unspecified time hahaha. I also have my doubts about Diablo III. Feels like the same thing is happening to it.

I've heard that from a LOT of experienced players. That's one of the two reasons I'll not touch it. The other is the way Hasbro handled the whole thing and treated their customer base. Right now I'm trying to get a regular game of Marvel Super-Heroes going. We'll see what happens.

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Red Dragon casts Prismatic Shield!

Geeky, I know. I've been in a dice deficit for a few months.

How was the carve on the done? Some parts look drastically thicker than a regular guitar.

Most of the design is a max of 1/4" above a normal "strat" body. The back of the head with the long horns is taller than 1/4". I made the body thicker than a normal guitar, and routed down to normal thicknesss/height on the blank spots. The wood I started with was right at 1 3/4", so I added 1/4" to the back of the guitar. The entire design was done by hand with carving chisels. I used power tools for basic construction of course- but the actual carving was all done by hand. You wouldnt believe how hard it is, and how long it takes to do the 1/2" radiused edge by hand between the front claws and such... and make it match perfectly with the parts I used a router for. I have about 40 hours in the carving- at least another 40 in sanding the darn thing.... and of course regular construction time I never tracked.

The entire project took over 9 months- but for a 1st build, it's pretty cool. Not perfect though. I blew the bridge placement and the bass side E gets right to the edge of the fretboard at the last fret. I never fixed it because the transparent finish. If it were solid color, I'd dowel the holes and redrill. But since it's my first, I wont sell it anyway, so I left the bridge as is.

Made a "warrior" with a dragon on it- and have a "soloist" 24 fret bridge humbucker only version under construction right now.

Here's the "warrior". It's my #5 (I'm getting tired of dragons!)


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Thanks for the compliments everyone!

To fit the design on the warrior was pretty easy- I had the origional pattern from the red "strat"- I cut the pattern into individual body parts and fitted them to the shape and filled in any gaps drawing it in. Just changed the style of the tail/backbone and slung his head low instead of high, but did it with the same patterns.

There are a lot of really great first builds in this thread!

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New guy, nothing to show yet. I just want to compliment everybody's work, every pic in this thread is very well done. I don't think I could take a pre-made neck and body and make it look half as good. Truly amazing work, everybody, even the ones people say "well, next time I would..." etc. They look great.

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My first build was playable at best. All the measurement were a little off, the tone was kinda dead sounding, and I just didn't do a very good work on it. You can see how the body is lop-sided from me not paying attention when I was sanding. It was well worth doing because of all that i learned.

I wanted to post it because recently I went back and shimmed the neck and put way heavier strings on it, which fixed the intonation and action issues. So, I'm kinda excited to have a "new" guitar. With the active pickups and the graphic it is good for a heavy metal sound at least. Imagine how bad it would sound if it just had a black paint job!


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Lowrider, That is SWEET!


I posted the first couple of guitars on the shredder when I first signed on and introduced myself. I posted the warrior when it was completed as well, but it was a while back. I think Ronz doesnt like me cuz my small number of guitars are way cooler than his huge collection of BCR's!

I've taken a break from building for quite some time, and finally getting back into it. A lot of projects been sitting for a while, and started a few more- the carved soloist like my #1, a kelly, a tele, a regular warrior, RR, a cocobolo carved top, and 3 basses. Thinking about starting up a doubleneck king V...

I got frustrated since my RR and plain warrior have been ready for paint for over a yr and I dont have the money to have them painted. The red dragon was waterbase my father sprayed, the others that are completed are tru oil, and I want poly for the other projects, but need to pay a painter to do it. It was annoying to think of completing more guitars when I cant get the ones that are done painted-

See ya on the shredder when it's back online-


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