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First Build Design Help

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hey guys

I've finaly taken the plunge into guitar building, and i want to know what you guys think about this build.

i wanted to build a guitar which is nothing like i have but something i wanted

the basic specs are:

8 string

28.625 in scale

ash body (its cheap here)

maple neck

as for body shapes i wanted to do a solid 335 but im not sure how hard that would be to do,

or something like an ibanez but thicker.

and which do you guys think is the easyest to start with, a bolt on neck, set neck or neck thru?

any tips ,sudgestions or anything else would be most welcome

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I was going to say if you bought a neck, neck through would be the easier route. you just need sides.

I have been working on an acoustic 10 string (nylon) for a long while. I am getting the idea I should just build one out of cheap materials, and learn that way, so I dont destroy good wood. Which is what I am doing now.

I would think the glue on neck would be the most difficult if you are new to this. Being once it is set, that is all you have to work with. the rest will have to be adjusted with the bridge. I guess you could run some fishing line on it to get an idea of your neck angle to bridge height... before glueing

I got a guitar on ebay, it was like 25+ years old. I dont even know if it was the right neck. it was really off. With the bolt on neck I could sand it down and get it to the right height and Angle rather easy.

Sadly I dont have the right answer, only repair work I have done.

I would think neck through would get you all lined up for neck to bridge issues. but if the neck bends, or something is wrong, you have to live with it.

Or cut it off and convert ot bolt on or glue in. lol

A bolt on is pretty simple. something happens you remove repiar/replace it.

Glue in can be difficult once locked in. but if you get it right, I suppose you could steam it back out if you needed to repair it.

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