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Precision Bass Template

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Hey guys. This is my first post here of hopefully many! I am going to be doing my first build with the assistance of someone who lives near me and has a lot of experience with guitar/bass building. I am wanting to do a p-bass build, specifically a '51 p-bass often referred to as a tele bass or "sting" bass referring to the bass sting played with the Police.

Anyways, the one thing the guy I am working with is urging me to get is a lexan template. Unfortunately I cannot find a template for a '51 tele bass (with the single coil pickup) but I did find this template:


How accurate are these? Obviously it isn't a '51 replica however I know the only difference is in the headstock and the body contouring. Figuring out a different pickup patter should be easy enough. I want something that is pretty accurate to the original Fender product, however I don't have access to any tele bases to make my own template.

If any of you have feedback on that template, suggestions of a different one, or a different method, please let me know!


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