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8 String Guitar Parts

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Someone asked me to build the ma pretty basic cheap 8 string guitar. So basically I'm looking to find some 8 string parts at a reasonable price. I don' want anything fancy just a basic hardtail bridge and pickups. If anyone has any idea of where I could find some parts like these for a reasonable price (I realize that may be hard) please inform me.

Thank you ahead of time for your help,


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Additional - Bareknuckle Pickups make 8-string pickups (surprise) plus you could always use individual saddles like standalone ABMs, or Graphtechs/others with a self-made mounting plate.

Kenny: Yes, I think the EMG-808 is a 58 for eight strings although i'm not sure without looking at the spec sheet. I believe this is available on the EMG site if you search for 808 however.

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I would have thought the difference in EQ would make them sound horrible, or not even pick up some of the vibrations of the higher notes.

As for bridges, I know Perry uses a small bridge for each string on his eight stringers and multiscales, don't know what they're called though.

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I think that this all depends on what the resonant frequency of the pickups are. A 45-DC (popular choice of bass pickup for 8-strings) has a resonant frequency at 4.3kHz, compared to an 81-7's 2.0kHz, and a 707s 2.65kHz. These are pretty much similar to their 6-string counterparts, except the 707 (apparently a 58 for 7-strings) as the 58 has a resonant frequency of 2.45kHz.

I found that the 45DC in my first 8-string was a little "clangy" and prone to feeding back, although I think there were other contributive reasons. I wasn't too impressed with it to be honest. All of the 6-string bass EMG pickups seem to have resonant frequencies arounds the 4.2-4.3kHz mark which is very very different to the guitar pickups.

AE3: They do pick up the higher strings, but there isn't the same character as a pickup designed for "guitar frequencies". That said, 8-strings are a cross between basses and guitars, so perhaps all of this is just me trying to pick the differences between the two instruments when realistically there probably isn't any :-D

I don't know. It would be nice to say "suck it and see" but it's a pain when you rout for an EMG only to find that nothing else fits in there. Blackouts?

I'll put my asbestos pants on now. Flame on.

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Thanks a ton guys! your great! very helpful.

Well I can tell you that Seymour Duncan are soon releasing 8 string versions of the Blackout Pickups as used by Dino Cazares (which will be priced around the sames as the EMG808s)

I will soon have my initial sample of a my own designed 8 string Tune-o-matic bridge which will be totally stainless steel. I do not have any plans for a tail piece - however I will also be offering matching stainless steel string ferrules! :D

The T-o-M will have a 16" radius and will be also be a locking bridge (i.e. it will have cap thumb screws to lock it down to the studs).

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Bass pickups do not have any less capacity for picking up higher frequencies than guitar pickups do - it would be natural to assume this, but it is not true. Same for guitar pickups and low freqs. Both pickups are, after all, wire wound around a bobbin with magnets in the middle - the devil is in the details. If anything, a higher resonant frequency would give you MORE highs than a low one.

The EMG 45TWs I used in my 8 have a resonant freq of 2.65k in humbucker mode, and 4.5k in single coil mode.

A pickup's resonant frequency is just the particular frequency where its output is maximized - think of it sort of like a frequency response curve - but a pickup's output response is very smooth and gentle, not with wiggles and spikes like a freq response curve you'd see for a speaker cabinet (for instance). And the curve is very wide and broad - in other words, the Q is very large (very wide broad peak). The resonant frequency lends something to the tone color of the pickup, but your guitar's and amp's EQ lends more.

In EMGs in particular, the output curve is relatively flat - much more flat than a passive pickup because of the low inductance - and this is where the "hi fi" character comes from. Once in the guitar, it provides a more flat freq response than a passive pickup will. Some like it, some find it "sterile" compared to passive pickups because they are used to the typical output response of guitar humbuckers which have a higher Q than EMGs (so the tonal difference is more apparent).

It's different strokes - if you prefer the sound of passives, there are plenty of passive 6-string bass pickups as well (Bartolini for instance, or Delano, Norstrand, etc etc). If you don't want to go custom, it is best to select a pickup with blades instead of individual pole pieces (Bartolini uses blades), to accommodate the different string spacings and number of strings with an 8-string guitar.

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Oooo. Nice. I thought a 12" 8-string TOM would be crazy!

Well the design is perfect feasible but I just thought I might be going against the flow rather too much in producing a 12"! Although my 6 string version will be 12" . . . although I guess I could offer 16" in that also . . . which would be something no one else produces or even 10"! :D

I've just got to provide the stud and locking cap design to the machine shop and hopefully it'll be here next week.

I ain't forgot about the fingerboards . . . just lots going on at the moment - I also want to get my jointer blades sharpened again before I do them as B&W Ebony is tough as old boots and anything less than razor sharp doesn't work!

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I agree Erik - the 45DC sounded shrill and unnatural. It was designed as a bass pickup, so having it work as a "guitar/bass" pickup is too high an expectation. I'll have to buy another one and install it into a bass instead....!

The Swinesheads I bought were pretty unimpressive to be honest DJ....

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