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I had installed an aftermarket one on my American Std back in 2000 or so. It has since been removed and you can just barely see the edges of the holes I drilled for the Floyd beneath the replacement pick guard. If I recall correctly, I think they come with a template printed on a sheet of paper. No dimensions, just cut it out, tape it on and drill. If they still do this, maybe some kind store owner might allow you to open a package and take a photocopy?

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The Stewmac site has a page that will tell you where to place the posts in relation to the nut. I think it's the "Fret Calculator" page, because you'll have to input your scale length.

I'm pretty sure on a Strat the posts should be 25" from the nut. (Double check that!)

If you've got a standard Strat that you're modifying for a non-floating Floyd, you won't have to do much routing, you may just have to drill a clearance hole for the bottom side of the bar.

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