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Long Scale Truss Rods

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I'm still wondering if I need a longer truss rod for my build, myself. I've heard that LMI makes custom length dual action rods. I've sent them a message. (I don't have access to my email again until I get home from work however) I heard that they did, but I haven't seen any mention of it on the current website. I'll post back if I hear anything.

A traditional single-action rod (like what you find in a fender) would be the easiest route if you do need a custom length - although installation is more difficult, all you need are some nuts and washers, some steel rod and a die. Stew Mac sells single action truss rods that can be cut to length, and then have new threads cut with a die.

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I am currently waiting for my 22" dual action truss rod complete with Stainless Spoke Wheel to come from the shop. I will have one available for sale if anyone is interested. Obviously if you don't want a spoke wheel then it ain't for you! :D

I can get them made to whatever length you desire - with whatever adjustment head you want.

Once I have them I'll post pictures.

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Well, the problem I've run across with my planned build is the 24" rods for a bass will extend right into the pickup cavity. The 18" rods fall somewhat short - although given the extended single cut design I'm planning, I'm imagining I'll be fine with a standard 18" rod.

I understand that the truss rod doesn't need to go the entire length of the fretboard, (as it doesn't really do that in traditional guitar builds) but I've had a hard time finding information on the best way to determine the length one should use or how to best align it if it's "short". That's why I was questioning in my thread and here - I'd hate to build a thing and find I have an unusable truss rod! Although I'm not sure why - I've only made one instrument where I've ever really needed the truss rod.

FWIW - I got a reply from LMI:

We do make custom sizes of trussrods. There is no extra charge on making

this, but there is usually a 1 to 2 week wait on these custom orders. If you

order online , just make a note in the special instructions. Otherwise if

you call in your order just mention the size for us!

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You start the nut of the truss rod directly underneath the string nut(use the 1/8" allen head rod) and the rod ends about where the heel of the neck stops...if this still worries you,use graphite rods to reinforce the heel,though I think you won't need them.

But as was said,you could get LMII to make you one...I suggest 26 1/2"

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