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OK, here's my pencil sketch, which I did on a slab of 2" cherry:


This was a slice off the butt end of a log with a big sweep (curve) at the base.


Looking down, you can see how cupped it is:


I've had some ideas rattling around my head for a while, and this seems like a good opportunity to try some of them out.

No promises, though, as it may not survive the the implementation of those ideas.

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:D Haha, Thanks!

I drew the outline on the back, so it would be easier to cut on the bandsaw, with the cupping and all.

So, as you can see from the front, I have decided to reverse the body shape:


I feel this is well within the parameters, since it the sort of thing Gibson would be likely to do.

Also, this will be a set neck, since the shape is much more suited to that than the bolt on that it actually was.

So, I have changed that area of the shape accordingly:


Cuts like buttah:


Edit @ Wez- No, but I like that, too. "Corvax" was a character in a language instruction cartoon thingy called "Muzzy" that was rather trippy.

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this is really making me want to build one... i think we should do a corvus build off

So what... you just had a need to kick my a$$? You'll probably pull off some fanned fret jobby with a zircote fretboard and some other funky wood porn bling.

for me i wouldnt take part in a build off if the spec was decided - not because i want to kick johns ass with a

fanned fret jobby with a zircote fretboard and some other funky wood porn bling

i just dont think its the right way to limit it.

ok, so is corvax a reference to novax... is somebody going fanned fret with this??

I KNEW IT!!!!! :D You are SOOOOOO busted. You may not be doing it yourself, but you'll push for someone else. to do it. Of course, you didn't say you DIDN'T want to kick my a$$ with a "fanned fret jobby", just that you didn't want to do it with pre-decided specs & limits. :D

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I think mine looks more like a goldfish cracker than a crow.

Hey, it's a Pepperidge Farm, Cheddar Corfish.

I like it so far. Flipping it looks like it may be more ergonomoc, and it solves the wrist torquing problem I'll have putting the tuners in the cut out, if you're going that route.

You move fast!

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This recent trend in this guitar shape needs to stop. It's killing me.

In related news, that is a beautiful piece of cherry! I've been debating for a time to grab cherry for my body wood instead of mahog, because it just looks nice. I'm glad you have access to trees that you can chop at a whim, Org :D

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