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ALMOST any and every wood will make a fine neck. From a structural standpoint, stability and strength are paramount. You could use Home Depot oak, exotic imported cocobolo, or some random reclaimed timber from a barn, and all could have good structural qualities.

But we're talking about a LOT more than just construction. We need to address how the wood effects the tone.

All woods do something different to the tone. The body wood effects it as well. The combination of the two have another effect altogether.

Define what you're looking for, both in tone, appearance, and cost. After that, you'll get help on the question at hand.

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Maple or mahogany(come on now,guys :D )

They are tried and true,they are the cheapest of the stable woods,and they are good to work with little to no health risks...

You want quartersawn pieces..free of knots and straight grained

Other woods are also suitable...but that is not what you asked...you asked for the best choices

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Something which I have done in the past is go onto the main guitar makers websites and find out what they use, particularly the maker whos sound you like.

Mahogany, Maple, are the staples of the big brands. But it's your build and as long as it is a stable piece use it, or even do a laminate

And Wes I googled "doprefer" and theres no such word............. :D

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