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Two Volume Pots?


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When i first built my guitar i put some push pull pots in it not for any particular reason they were just what i had handy, but now im starting to think wat i might do to them. because the pots were 500k and i heard a few storys about how cool old 1000k teles sound i thought im might try to add another 500k to the resistance when the knob was pulled out so i tried connecting the ground lug to the switch and from there either continue on to ground (wen the knob was in) or to a 500k resistor (when the knob was out) so that wen the knob was out it would start at 500k and go to 1000k wen the knob was on ten but it didnt really work wen the pot was out it started with about the same volume it would normaly hav on say 3 but wen cranked to ten it was the same in or out :D:D go figure . so i was wondering if its possible to have two volume stages or maybe just some kinda boost? and if not any one got any NEW or unusual ideas about wat i could us the switches for other than wire tapping n stuff. thanx

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