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Unwanted Buzzing


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Boy...it's hard to identify which wire without a diagram...I have no idea what you are wiring up so almost impossible to know what you might have done wrong! I'll be here when I have enough info to work from.

Basically, what has been suggested is the obvious answer. The strings appear to be wired to hot. There will be two wires going to the jack...switch them!

Better would be a multimeter to see what is connected to what. Mostly people get jack socket tags confused, they can look deceptive. But there may be some other fault either in the wiring scheme or not following it correctly...for that a diagram is necessary!


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Well...I posted A diagram...however, you have different 4 conductor HB's and a 4 way switch that is unknown. Switches can have all kinds of formats, I have no idea what you have there if it is a 4 way. The tip of the lead is the hot, the socket connection that connects to the tip is hot, the other ground..if you have tried both, then likely it is something to do with this unknown switch. You can't jut wire as per one diagram with different components and expect it to work in the same way. 4 position switches do exist (for tele's) but are very rare and I don't know them or the type you are using so it is virtually impossible to know how to advise.

You need to draw out the actual diagram you have used and work out what connects where when the switch is operating.


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I have wired several guitars in the past and present.

Just recently I did one and made a stupid mistake.

This 1/4" jack was different from the rest, and it took a close look to make sure I had the right tip and ground.

I actually wired it wrong and had to re-do it.

I would carefully look over the guitar wiring again. and perhap see if you have a ground loop.

I had my strat with fishman piezo bridge (no magentic pickups) do this very thing when touching the strings. I tore it down because I could not find the problem and re wired it. it was finally silenced. I suspect I had a ground loop since I was sloppy with that part of the wiring.

I agree a diagram would help a ton.

Maybe a picture of the wirring as well, but often these are too hard to tell.

Also make sure your bridge ground is in fact going to the ground wire.

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