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Bass Amp And String Novice Question

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What’s the opinion on which bass strings to use? I have an Ibanez GSRM20 bass guitar. I ordered two extra sets of D’Addario EXL170S for the short sale bass I bought. Any opinions or advice?

I am a new bass player. I’ve played 6 strings ford 44 years. The praise band leader at much church asked me if I could play bass. I accepted the challenge. I don’t need a bass because I play through their system at church. I bought a stethoscope amp to practice with. I have a budget of 200 dollars. I know I can get the best deal on ebay, amazon etc. What brand of bass amps do you veterans recommend? I have no clue on bass equipment.


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I'm quite happy with Line6 gear on the basis that you have many tones to play with, and they're a doddle for recording. Once you grow into a "particular" tone you could invest in a "specific" amp further down the line. Not sure if any of the "Lowdown" range fits within $200.

Just throwing my ideas around.

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