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Finishing Options In Canada?

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Its seems, for whatever reason that lacquer is no longer available in Canada. I had previously used Deft spray nitro lacquer from my local Lee Valley but it was all pulled off the shelfs and won't be being replaced in the foreseeable future.

Ideally, from someone in Canada, (Halifax ideally so they might be able to point me somewhere) what are my options without going into car finishes? I want to either stay with a lacquer or a poly urethane but all I can seem to find is the minwax brand at Kents and Home Depot, which I have a hate for and won't use.. be it unreasonable or not.

It doesn't need to be aerosol as I do have a paint gun.. anything at this point would be nice... and ideally cheaper then automotive clear coats... because thats my last option.

Also, as a side note if someone can point me in the direction of sanding sealer that would be great as well. I know minwax makes some but even if I ignored my irrational dislike for minwax I haven't been able to find any.

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