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Dying Veneer

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What would be the best wood to use to get the blackest result? e.g what takes stain best? When ever I see black veneer it tends to be stained sycammore.

- Cheers


Hi Neil. First post for me here.

I have done it with solvent based dyes, But generally I just buy the stuff. I have some 8 foot lengths used in a sports product. Water based dye might work too, as the veneer could be dried quickly. It would need to be figure free I would think so as not to warp.

It's usually American Holly, Anigre, or English sycamore presumably due to the good dye absorption of those species. In many woods the dye would not penetrate all the way. BTW I generally had to soak the veneer to get good results.


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Cheers for the reply,

how would you go about soaking the veneer with out it warping during drying? Just dont use a water base dye?

I have seen reference to boiling and even pressure cooking rolled up veneer. Forgot where....

For small bits I used solvent based NGR dye (Solarlux), but my guess is that the surface chemistry of cellulose makes dying very dark colors easier with water based systems. You can dye a cotton t shirt pretty black, right?

As far as the wetness warping the veneer...well it's cut wet after steeping the log in near boiling water so I guess it can be kept under control. I have seen sheets of wet veneer going to a rapid jet dryer after cutting. That flash dry might help.

When I made acoustic guitars I would use black wood veneer for purfling and binding, but I just made my own ebony veneer using a router based tiny planer. I could get it very thin...a fraction of a millimeter. the rough strips were 2-3 mm thick, cut with the bandsaw with carefully set guides.

What do you want to use the dyed veneer for?

I use it for this: (scroll down to the very bottom picture):


I have made many thousands of those things on the CNC, which is why I stock the 8 foot anigre black veneer sheets.


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I swear,want me to order it and ship it to your address too? :D

You need to buy it already dyed,because you are unlikely to get it all the way through the veneer the way they do in pieces as large as you need without making a huge mess and costing yourself more in dye than the veneer costs already dyed.

I already went through this years ago...one simple sheet of this stuff will last you a long time.

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