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Tuning A Bass In 5ths

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I've had my bass tuned C-G-C-A and C-G-C-D#. I tried using the bottom four strings on a 5 string set (65-85-105-130) for the D# tuning. If you don't mind super tight strings, you can do that (I also wouldn't try it on a bolt on, I have it on a 35" scale set neck). I kinda like it especially because I can slap and it's not floppy. On my other bass, I've found that a set of 115's does the trick (the set is 50-70-95-115, but I replaced the 50 with the 45 I had left over from the 5 string set to tune up to A). It's not floppy and I can still bend the notes and everything. Hope that helps. Btw, if you're wondering, the 5 string set was the musicians friend brand (I know, I'm cheap), and the 115's are the GHS Heavy Gauge Bass Boomers.

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