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Yeah...some of you will hate me. Others will envy. Others won't read this thread. :DHere.

But I have a few potential candidates for it: An alder sunburst StewMac tele (soon to be routed for humbucker) or my black Schecter C-1 ELite (mahogany). Whichever doesn't get the Dime gets the JB. I'll let you know which I think is better suited for it...and if I don't like it no matter how much I respect Dime, I'll post it here for sale before I try ebay for the same amount ($40 + s/h).

SO being that everyone's talked about it...what have you heard in terms of tone? The Duncan site doesn't have squat for tone charts or sound description.

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heck yeahm the x2n is a pain to balance, thats why i got rid of mine. i wish i would have gotten a single hb routed body to try it out in though. i am dying to try the dimebucker, it's not too often wes gives props to non EMGs!!! :D

i have heard the dime sounds great in mahogony. it balances out the sceaming high allitle, but leaves the thump.

they have reviews on harmonycentral.

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