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Schematic For Digitech Switching?


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Try the freestompboxes.org forum, but I don't think you'll find anything, trying to reverse engineer SMD digital processors is beyond the realms of DIYers, and why would anyone do it anyway? very few would have the SMD technology to build one and it would be 10x cheaper to buy one anyway!

If you explain exactly what you want to do you have more chance of getting help.

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it's just a software thing really. These floor processors do everything through a program. So if u're talking about the C loop for the switching thing i can help you with it. I think i don't understand the question very well though coz it's not a schematic thing. It's just a sufficient processor to do both tone modding and general functions (switching is one) and the rest is just DA AD etc.

You can also hardwire the switching possibilities on a ROM. Instead of writing a program for it, you simply map the inputs to certain outputs and voila. Much faster and cheaper to implement.

If i got ur question wrong, please help me understand what you mean.


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