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Electric Guitar Body Echo Problem - Please Help!

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I recently finished constructing my custom guitar, and I have noticed that when I play particularly high notes, whether it is on or off, there seems to be an echo coming from behind the pickguard. The body of my guitar is "swimming pool" (universal) routed, to fit in my HSH arrangement.

Could it be cheap conductive paint on the inside reflecting the sound, or maybe it's just because of the route shape?

Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

I was thinking of lining the cavity with some kind of material to absorb the echoes...maybe rubber or foam???

Any suggestions?


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If you press down on the pickguard with your fingers, does it still do it?

Try it on the bridge too. Also, check the springs on the pickups.

I've honestly never heard of this problem, so I'm sure someone else might know the answer. I would assume it's one of those three things, though.

What does the echo sound like?

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Possibly the tremolo springs if it has some...maybe more details and a pic might help...generally things like the pickguard are culprits...if pushing down on the pickguard as NY suggested doesn't fix it, foam won't do it either!


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I have this problem with my cheapstrat as well, the trem springs vibrate. It only happens when I have overdrive up and the bridge pickup selected. So how might I go about solving this, foam around the springs or something?

I've seen folks use the foam, but I like this solution better:

Foam inside the springs works well too:

I've had less success with foam outside the springs, and this just looks a little cleaner, also.

If you're playing with a lot of gain, this is nice, but I've found the sound of the springs really adds a lot to the strat "sound" or character of a guitars tone when playing clean or at lower gain levels. I also like the sounds you can coax out of the springs under high gain at times too, but that's not for everyone, and if you're playing at high gains more consistently , than you probably want to address this issue.

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I dont mind the noise of the springs normally, in fact its hardly noticable. But, as mentioned, when I have overdrive on and the guitar's anywhere near the amp, the springs vibrate and I get a sort of really shrill feedback. Thanks for the tip

Oh and that first video was great at the end :D

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Wow.....wasn't expecting such a response. I've never had a problem with trem noise on any of my guitars before, and it doesnt seem like it's coming from the trem, but I'll give it a go and get back to you.

Thanks everyone, especially J. PIERCE!

Will upload a picture soon!

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