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Strange Rings After Wet Sanding - What Is It? (pics)


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Hey all,

I just started on wet sanding a strat build that has tru-oil as the finish. I'm coming up with this weird patterned rings and since this is my first build, I wanted to check and see if this is normal or if I'm in some sort of trouble here. It started right away after sanding wet with 600. I thought maybe it could change after moving up to a higher grade paper but I did the next step and it didn't really change. it's a nice flat surface but I'm a little concerned as to what this is.

This had about 20-30 coats of oil with light sanding and steel wooling between coats here and there.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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That looks like lamination issues. Basically each coat of Tru-Oil does not melt into the next, it just lays on top. When you are sanding, what you are seeing is the different layers. This is a problem that can happen with poly's since one the layer dries, the next layer does not melt in.

I have not used Tru-Oil, but from what I remember reading you do not polish it the way you would with other clear coats. I would read through since it has been talked about extensively on here, and read how others are using Tru-Oil.

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To be clear,you should not wet sand tru oil...you just rub each coat on lightly and polish with the rag as you do it...like polishing furniture....that is all.

apply more coats as I say...they will be very,very thin and it takes a LOOONG time to build up where you want it.

But no,I would not have used it as a clear coat.

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As was mentioned, those are witness lines and sanding with 600 is a bit aggressive for Tru Oil's new thin soft film.

Here is a quick rundown of how I did the Tru Oil on my latest project.

The the bulk of the filling is by wet sanding with Tru Oil and 400, usually 2 sessions gets me mostly there. Then I do 3 coats a day for 5 or so days until I get a good level body going. I wipe it on using some 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" cotton gun cleaning patch's, ran out of old t-shirts. I wet sand with 1000 grit and mineral spirits between the daily sessions / before the start of that days coats.

Once I've got a good film started and most imperfections filled, I spray 3 or so coats, (one a day), with a little detail gun. Again, I wet sand each day before that days coat, but move to 1500, then 2000 on the last two coats.

I've used the Tru Oil in the rattle cans and it works fine, but prefer mixing my own and spraying with the small gun. You can thin Tru Oil up to 50%, thats 2 parts oil to one part mineral spirits.

Here are a couple pics





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This is similar to my approach with Tru-Oil finishes. I also level sand between each set of coats (10-15 applications = 1 set). I do not wet sand it however, I use 600-800 grit dry paper and #0000 steel wool. I apply a set of coats, level it, repeat until I like it, and then polish it with #0000 steel wool before I put on the last 2-3 coats which have to be applied perfectly. Final polish is with a soft cotton rag.


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