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Phase Switching Idea


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Hi everyone,

I've decided to add a phase switching option to my H-S-S strat knock-off. Right now it has a standard 5-way selector switch with the usual wiring, on which I never use the bridge-middle position. I am thinking about switching the hot and ground wires of the middle and bridge pickups (running the grounding wires to the switch and the hot wires to the ground). I assume that this would effectively leave all positions unchanged except for what used to be the middle-bridge position, which would then put the middle and bridge pickups out of phase with each other.

Does anybody know if (or how well) this will work? Better ideas?

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Yes...that won't do it!

You need to change one pickup only...in this case the phase of the bridge pickup!

Depending on the switching this should do it...you may be surprised at the resulted sound though, and you may loose noise cancelling on this pair.

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