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Hello all! My name is Jari, i'm from finland. I'm new here and this is my first post.. and what could be more suitable as a first post, than pics of 2 projects i'm currently working on?

So, let's get down to business. I'm making 2 different kind of guitars, Flamed Top les paul and solid color superstrat, something like Ibanezes or whatever. Specs are as follows..

Les Paul:

Body&Neck - Mahogany, glued on neck.

Fretboard - Walnut, no inlays

Top - Some nice figured maple

Color - Not sure yet.. I'm open for suggestions.

electronics - 2 hums, 1 volume, 1 push/pull tonepot for splitting/phase shifting and 3-way switch.

Hardware - T.O.M+Stop Bar, wilkinson tuners.. All goldplated.

I'm gonna make it a lil' bit modernized version, with better fret access etc.


Body&Neck - Mahogany, neck through

Fretboard - Maple, no inlays.

Color - Something very bright and 80's, like neon yellow, green etc..

Electronics: not sure yet.. thinking about 1 hum 2 singles, 5-way switch, 1 volume and push/pull tonepot for splitting the bridge pup.

Hardware - T.O.M+String through, wilkinson tuners.. Maybe black? Got to think about that one.

Gonna make it sleek and fast looking and playing shredmachine.

Anyway, enough with the talk, here's some pics, more to come!

Les Paul:



Note that this top isn't ready, not even close.. I haven't even sanded it down, it's straight from the planing.





Any opinions are welcome, suggestions about the colors of stain&paint, questions etc.. Bring em on!

Oh, and excuse me if I made some mistakes writing, since english isn't my main language :D

G'day and rock on! :D

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Nice work Jari, here fellow Suomalainen(Finnish for you non-finnish speakers)! : )

Top on that LP is cool, even that it's just planed. I have my own 7 string RG-style build going on, but I haven't wrote so much about it on the build thread and put no pictures actually. : (

-Juze aka Ghroath

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I don´t know if I dare to ask, but how much you paid for flame maple ? Did you buy it from Finland ?

I´ve noticed it´s hard to come by with figured woods around here and if they do show up the price is really high.

I´ve also planned LP project but for top wood I settled with flame birch.

Oh and

Welcome to the forum and good luck with project.

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Sure you can ask, why not? It's not a secret or anything.. I bought it on ebay, the seller was finewoods (or something like that..) from Canada, cost about 40$ + postal, or so.. No custom fees, and it took about 2 months to arrive.

Flame birch is great looking wood. I use it daily as I make furniture out of it (tables, chairs etc.)

Maybe I will use flame birch in my next project, which will be 7-stringer.. And I think it will be V-model. :D

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Hello, fellow builders!

It's friday and I (finally...) got time to build these babies on. Unfortunately I had only 2 hours, which included coffee-break and lunchbreak, so not too much progress.. :D

I cut some holes to that nice top, fearing the worst case scenario (f*cking it up somehow, ruining my nice mapletop), but it turned out ok.

Note that these are just rough cut holes, and I'm going to sand it out etc, so no reason to freak out :D

Then I started to build the neck from mahogany. Already cut the neckjoint to the blank and did some lil' tweakings to it.

Anyway, enough with my talking, here we go again with some pics!





Someday near that walnut fretboard is going to get some neat (hopefully flamed) birch bindings.. and I'm making pickup bezels of birch too, so stay tuned for more pics B)


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