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My Guitar Can Play Itself

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So I just discovered that if I play the low E with the guitar hanging on the wall, with my chorus set all on 5, and the volume of my amp on at least 5, the low E will play itself infinitely. Sounds like a giant didgeridoo. It gets louder and louder until the string hits the fretboard, then it sort of resets. It's really cool, cause the whole room resonates with it.

Recording from my crappy mic

Just thought it was interesting and worth sharing =P

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I was under the impression that most of those amp walls are fake, just props for the show.

And even if they're real, I'd say it's just more codpiece stuffing.

Which may not be gay, but it IS queer -- since most of the audience for this type of tight-spandex endless solo-noodling music is male. Think about it.

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You're obviously just homophobic because you're afraid to admit your sexual feelings towards your favorite spandex-clad solo-noodling artists =P

Nah, it's just because most of what I listen to is post rock or the guitars are used mainly for rhythm.

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