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Urgent-jackson/charvel San Dimas Wiring

Sami Ghouri

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I know i'm being a total lame a$$ here and it's probably lurking somewhere on the forum, but i did a quick search (coz time doesn't allow me to sit here for more than 5 mins) and didn't find anything.

Basically it's the HSS jackson with 1 tone, 1 volume configuration (it's a Greco copy with a Kahler Flyer) and i found this bartolini Hi-A pickup on it!

My question is, where can i find the diagram for connecting those 3 3-way swithces? i searched online and all i found were pics of the guitar itself. The jackson one that is.

Also, can anyone help me find a wiring diagram for that humbucker itself? (yes it does have one coz it comes with different connection points that do different functions! right now it's wired in one position and its making a hell lot of noise so i'm suspecting a coil split).

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, please link me to the thread if any. I am only asking coz i really don't have the time for searching *blush*

Thanks a mil.


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