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hi there

fender scale= 25.5"

gibson scale= 24.75"

prs scale= 25"

the original gibson explorer scale is 24.75". apparently james hetfields esp explorer is 25.5" though. [i am not sure but everyone seems to say this on the esp forums] but the standard esp explorers [not the ex, i am talking about the ones back in the day before gibson had a court battle with esp guitars to cease production of the gibson explorer shape that esp used to make.] it was as normal explorer scale, 24.75". but no worries dude, most esp explorer freaks are hetfield freaks, so naturally they are going to add a 25.5" scale. it's a normal scale, so it is cool. :D


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hai, i just want to ask something. i saw the ads for yamaha drop6 and its 26 1/4" scale length. i think its cool to have something that is not in the normal scene and i just wanna know, how long is this 26 1/4" in mm?

BTW, i agree with you soapbarstrat. the early mettalica sounds is really a hell on earth whereas the new one... i don't really understand it.

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