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Any Acoustic Builds Going On Here?

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Whats going on out there? Is the economy smakin you down? Anyone working on acoustic builds any more? Haven't seen Rich for a while... :D

I got some wood thickness, working on final shape for Dreadnought, and a small Baroque style geeetar... Bending soon, just I have some Sapele for kerf lining I dont like very much.... :D

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I'm working on a hybrid, but I haven't put up a build thread yet. I'm waiting until I've made some decent progress. I'm looking forward to seeing the work you guys have been doing though.


Kool!@! Are all 6 the same, Dred, OM,???

IS the hybrid steel string? Or classical?

I am planning to make my baroque '6 ' course capable (has mostly double strings) DId a test on the soundport design, and I will stick with the "simple one"... I may post a tutorial or something. Its a burl rosette with my logo, with black trim...

My LMI 'student' grade Sitka was a pancake, so Im stuck with the adi (on both)...Baroque would usually call for Germanic stuff...like classical....

Oh, I made a cool circle cutter (manual), and Im trying to make it micro-adjustable, but the ($*)# won't email me back on the parts....but it still works great...need to post some pics...

Yea, 6, whew....cant imagine, are all those spoken for Daniel?

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I still my 12 string on the go. The bridge is almost done, and I thought the fretboard was polished ready for the frets, until my mate saw a dull spot the size of a fingerprint just below the 2nd fret. So it's back through the grits again stating at 320 and this time a more thorough check before moving up to the next grit.

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Got something special in the pipeline (in my head at least) which I'm still working out if it's possible. Can't me making a start on any acoustcs until I get a proper work space sorted out....... been demoted to only working on the patio now :D (and I'm told that it's original with the house so you can imagine how level a 135 year old patio with tiny little quarry tiles is). It doesn't lend itself to accurate work.

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Pshaw! I built my first acoustic in a 3 x 3 meter room which contained a bed, computer, kitchenette. And yes, a rooftop terrace and some hall space to store tools that didn't fit under the bed. So, um, yeah.

Anyway, I'm currently spraying one acoustic, and have the other in final finish prep (levelling prior to spraying). Then finishing a few electrics, at which point I'll start 2 more. Crisis or not, I've already got parts for a few dozen acoustic guitars.

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Just started putting the finish on my Cherry/Lutz Ditson GC.

I haven't decided what will be next, but I have several ideas.

Most currently revolve around a smaller body style -- O, Ditson GC, or a L-00...

but I also want to build a good Jumbo and a Dread too.

I have some Sheoak lumber for resawing into back/sides that I am curious about.

Back at home, we called it "Australian Pine" because the leaves resemble needles....

Its not a pine, but actually a hardwood tree. The wood looks kinda like Oak....

Around home it is generally reputed to be trash wood, not suitable for anything

but fire and mulch.... but it is used successfully for lumber in many places and several folks in Australia

build guitars out of it. So... I am going to build a Guitar out of it.



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Hey GW, I have been busy at my regular job so I have not had much time. The potential slowdown has made it a top priority of mine to keep the guys who work for me working(the thought of their families being disrupted is something I do not want to happen). So far so good, but I want to lock down at least enough backlog of work to carry us through 2010.

I really want to get back to the tools soon. I miss it very much.

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