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binding a neck


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i was wondering if anyone could help me, i want to add a binding to the neck im gonna make, probably a white binding or whatever, but i have no cluse how to do it. i know how to bind a body, but what about the frets etc...

thanks in advance



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Slot the board. Attach binding with the appropriate glue - CA or weld on for plastic, titebond for wooden. Radius the board. Undercut the fretends with a nipper or file, then fret the board. Apply a dab of CA glue under the fretends to prevent moisture penetration or lifting frets ends.

Alternatively, fret the board first, dress the fret ends level with the edge of the board using a file, and glue on binding material deep enough to cover both the board and the fretends. Use a scraper and much patience to shape the binding flush with the fingerboard, leaving little nibs at each fretend.

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