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Painting Floy Rose

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I have a hybrid I guess you call it Ibanez S470 with a S370 neck. I brought the pieces seperately. I have organised to get a picture airbrushed onto it. The guy who is doing it wants to spray the FR. I mentioned it would probably not be a good idea as it would get worn off. I was wondering (I said I would like into the feasabilty of it) is it possible to paint the black FR without anything adverse happening and if it is possible what style of paints are suggested.

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Don't do it, simple as that. All those parts are powder coated, not painted in the first place, paint won't stick very well and if you were to sand through when prepping you're gonna have a bigger problem. I would say work on the image so that it can be painted around the floyd and just don't mess with it.

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