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What Kind Of Wood?


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Right, the first electric guitar I ever bought was a second hand Epiphone Strat. I've never been able to find out any information on it.

At the moment, it's my experimenting guitar so I'm thinking, strip the paint, maybe do Brian BSB tutorial on it, sort out the floyd rose on it, dual hummers and a Mother Of Pearl Pickguard.

But that all relies on what sort of wood lies beneath. Don't suppose anyone knows, do they? Thank you please.

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i can't speak to the epi strat

however i have an epi les paul elite w/ chambered body & f-holes that was built in '96 & it's mahogany neck & body just like the gibsons

i know this to be true, since i've opened it up since i bought it to correct a couple of problems it had

in fact i didn't know epi built a strat...i thought they had always been gibson clones in recent history

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