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Would This Fit... Because ... I'm Kind Of New To The Hole Thing

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Hello hello,

I'm an owner of a Line 6 Variax 600. Happy with it... at the beginning. Now after 2 and a half years the electronics starts to act strange and the lac is breaking open at the back.

I'm a huge David Gilmour fan ( Pink Floyd ) and after looking a bit at his guitars ... I did like the black one. But I liked the sound of the Red one with the EMG20 pick up's on it the most.

I thought the tone is more important than the look of it. So I decided to make myself the red one. Perhaps the black one with the EMG20's on it... I'll decide that later on.

Now is my question will these parts fit to each other... Or am I going in the wrong direction!? :D

I would appreciate if you guys helped me out.


Pick ups


or this one maybe if the tremolo system would be weak in your opinion and I should better look to install one myself this one

Neck ( I'm used to have a very soft neck like this one. So I hope this one is soft enough... mine now feels like glass ( very easy to bend on ).

And if I have to choose the second body ( which I'm planning to buy, because of its beautiful collor ) I would use this Tremolo

And the other parts like knobs and so on shouldn't be a problem.

I hope you guys can help me! :D

Thanks in advance.


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