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How Many Frets Can I Fit On A Tele Template

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Hello all,

I have a tele neck template. I want more frets on it .....with no fretboard overhang. I was wondering how many frets will fit (and not right up to the very edge....with around 1/4 to 1/8" of space left at the end of the neck) on the template if I use a gibson preslotted fretboard?

I understand the scale length is different and that is ok....I have been wanting to try a shorter scale length anyway. Was going to use a stewmac preslotted fretboard. I know it does not have a nut slot but this is ok I want to use a floyd locking nut on this build.

I really do not want 24 frets with this build but would like 22. The telel template give a good looking 21 fret neck. Was wanting the extra fret and wanted to see if I could get it comfortably with a shorter scale fretboard.

Thanks for the info.

Matthew :D

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