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A Bunch Of Wood For Sale

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I've finally gotten around to figuring out what wood i have left and what I can sell. I'm open to offers but this is what I'm looking for for these pieces.

I've listed $236.00 of lumber. Buy it all from me and I'll sell it for $150.00 shipped to anywhere in the US. Anyone outside of the US please contact me for shipping on any of this. Thank you. PM me if you are interested.

Spalted Maple top size: .300 X 8" X 22.25" Two pieces $30.00 shipped


From left to right:

Two pieces of highly flamed white limba just right for stringers. 1.75" X 2" X 24" $12.00 shipped

One piece of Apple, good for neck blank 2.5" X 2.5" X 33" $12.00 shipped

1 cut off piece of black limba 1.7" X 7.75" X 22.75 at thinnest point and 32" at widest $25.00 shipped


You can see the flame


Flamed Birdseye maple perfect for a few fretboards! .700 X 5" X 24" $25.00 shipped


Agit Orange perfect for something! .380 X 5" X 24" $12.00 shipped


Figured bubinga, great for headstock plates or inlay. The usable part is .140 X 6" X 24" $20.00 shipped


two pieces of Spalted Beech .480" X 8" X 19.5" and .480 X 8" X 21.25" $20.00 shipped

Some defects but they are pictured. Also, has some cupping and will need to be clamped




Twp pieces of Padauk .850 X 5.4" X 19.5" and .850 X 5.4" X 42" Great for a top or two! $30.00 shipped


Lacewood 2.1" X 4" X 36" Perfect for bolt on or deep set neck $35.00 shipped



Bocote 30" scale fretboard by Freely Brothers. $15.00 shipped


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