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Aom Asturo Sprayguns


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I got this: http://www.paintsprayersplus.com/product/A...p;utm_campaign=

From Jason at PaintSprayersPlus. And it's a beautiful piece of equipment, but silly me, I tried to remove the steel threaded insert on it so I could put a 3M PPS adaptor right in the gun. See, I ordered the wrong adaptor. I got #6, and needed #21 LOL. The 6 would only fit if I pulled out the insert, which I didn't realize was lock-tited. So I stripped the hex insert on the adaptor. STUPID ME!

Sent it back to Tino at AOM, who said he could heat it up and replace it, but instead of fixing it next week, he saw what I did and decided to just send me a brand new one. Maybe he was worried I might have damaged it by yorking on it so hard I stripped a steel hex fitting. I don't think I did, it's light, but it seems really well made.

Anyway, not too many companies would have given a new gun to some hobbyist who destroyed their precision tool with his ignorance! But AOM did. And before that, Jason at Paint Sprayers Plus, one of Asturo's dealers, actually added stuff I needed to his website so I could order it.

I always buy good equipment. Better than I need by far. And because of that, I price shop for it. In this case I got a professional spray gun at a steal of a price, and I got service I clearly didn't deserve. Great company, you guys should check them out if you ever need a nice mini gun kit.


PS) It doesn't actually take 6 CFM!

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