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where can i find a explorer neck


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hey jimmy, i am answering this dudes question for you.

ok Litch, i have been talking to jimmy all night on MSN about necks, and he has gone to bed, so i know exactly what he wants.

25.5" scale - 22 frets - bolt-on - peghead - Maple neck - Ebony fretboard - Gibson back shape.

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Tilt head? I could build him one with those specs way cheap.

I dont know it you already offered or not, so I wont infrige if you did.

no litch, he hasnt offered soo if you could give me a price(keeping in mind im from australia), could you please tell me.

(ive also sent you a PM about this)

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im actually looking for exactlly the same thing as you lol. only difference is that i want 24 frets and probablly a rosewood fret board. i live about 45 mins from london so im tempted just to go up to denmark street and cruise around looking for old guitar parts rofl.

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