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Blue Sunburst Strat


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I'm refinishing an ash strat body and would like to keep the grain showing through the finish. This was originally a sunburst body, and edges of the body have some ugliness issues, which is why Fender 'burst it any way, so burst it will be again.

My vision: Blue translusent in the center 'bursting to a solid blue edge.

Will bursting the edges w/ white then coating w/ translucient blue get my desired effect ? Anybody got a pic of a similar guitar? I'm using Reranch products and it is my 1st refinish.

A little input for a novice please?

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why you SOB thats how i was going to finish my JEM! AHHHH I SEVERERLY DISLIKE YOU!

As for you question, I'm not quite sure what your thinking. A solid blue edge would indicate paint and a translusent center would indicate dye or stain. My recommendation is to check out the stains available at stew mac. And check out teh carriburst threads in solid body/ chat. I do not think that coating edges wit white then blue will do it.

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Ummm. sorry.

I guess if we both thought of it, its a great idea.........

I am planning on filling and sealing the body, then bursting the edges white. Over that I plan on applying a translucient blue then the clear top coat that is availible from Reranch also.

What, in my mind, I should end up with is blue tinted grain bursting to bright blue solid on the edges.

I am feeling out whether my idea will actually translate to a finished product.

I'm looking for a darker blue than the caribean blues I have seen......Meduim blue to royal blue kinda shade.......

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The Jack is standard Ibanez S type jacks if I'm not mistaken :D

As for the burst, my suggestion is this.

1. Strip and seal your body (guitar body that is). I like to use some straight clear to seal, but you may want to wipe it all with a wood grain filler first.

2. Sand that all out nice and smooth and flat to avoid any future ridges, or inconsistencies in the paint.

3. Spray the entire guitar transparent blue, when spraying transparents they darken with every coat, so you can adjust to taste.

4. Then I airbrush the edges using the exact same transparent color, this allows you to make a very smooth fade, keep going a little heavier towards the edge, you should soon reach a nearly solid color even with the transparent.

5. Then airbrush your edges, sides and back with whatever solid color blue you want.

This method allows the paint to look very deep with the wood top, and makes it look like it's all right down in the top. If you spray a white solid first, you will end up with a blue finish that is transparent everywhere, and WAY brighter on the edges than in the center. It will also look like your paint is moving away from the body where it goes over the white. Not all tied in like the wood is wrapped in a nice warm blue blanket.

The method I described up above is how I did this finish on an Ibanez RG7 with a veneer top.



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This is just one way to go, just an idea...

(Obviously) sand everything clear and smooth.

Stain black, making sure you really get the stain down in the pores well.

Sand back with a flat hardwood sanding block, so you have some nice definition between the clear Ash and black grain.

Blow the body off really well, making sure you get all the sanding dust out of the grain.

Then shoot clear until you have a nice flat surface to work with, or use some kind of black-tinted grain filler.

Don't use the water-based grain filler, it turns out a nasty opaque look.

Then shoot some translucent blue of your choice over that to your desired hue/shade.

Shoot a few more clear coats over that.

Sand smooth again. (lightly this time)

The only part I'm not sure on is how you want the edges to look, and what re-ranch product you would buy to 'get it'. Maybe ask Bill what to use, he'll guide you.

Then more clear, and you're on to the finishing process...

If you want translucent blue, the black grain will look great under it. I have a Tele done just like that, I love it. But mine has no edge bursting. My Tele looks almost exactly like Wes' picture, but in Ash, and no 'fade to black'.

Sure you don't want to go to a black on the very very edges like Wes' pic? That would be easy to do with a can of black.

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That's why I asked the question. I wasn't sure if the black edges would be the way to go or if I could pull off a blue transparent to blue solid kinda burst.

I got the idea off of the "poor man's burst" tutorial on the project guitar site this forum is attached to. It suggested various shades to use as a undercoat or base for the burst and then use the transparent to color the white to the shade of blue I desired. Reranch does have a packaged(read: in a can) blue translucsient.

As for the black grain stain, I was planning on incorperating that to put the contrast in the grain, to really make it pop out.

Thanks for the input. Its nice to be able to bounce ideas off of experienced people before I waste materials and time stripping a body back down.

The Avatar is nice, Wes. And there was no offence taken, Nordic.

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