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Several New Builds.

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Your shop is so clean it's not even fair :D Great work

I swear I saw sawdust in one of those pictures, LOL

Looking good.

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I'll help Cam out here! The top one does have a very slight reddish tinge and the lacquered one does have a very faint blue hue - however I think these are just aberration of either monitors or the camera that took the photos in the first place. Or just a trick of the light in the photos.


Edit: Forgot say the colour looks good . . I've played around with a black/dark grey myself but not going to use it on my current builds but probably will do in the future.

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I dunno. Maybe it's your monitor. I have the saturation turned up on mine and the only hint of color is in the lacquered one, a slight reddish tint in the grain.

Mate im just glad i can see. Im hungover as hell!your probably right though. Btw great work metalhead!

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