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Piezo Saddles.....?

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After listening to James LaBrie's Elements of Persuasion, I looked up what his guitarist, Mark Sfogli, was using on the album. Noticed his bridge is a hipshot trem with piezo saddles. MT Monster Mark Sfogli Signature.

Then I looked to see if they made a floyd type bridge with these saddles, and came across this.

Does anyone have experience with these? I'm got an Ibanez body I'm planning on working on this summer, and was considering using these (either the hipshot or the graphtech). They seem to be pricey, so I don't know if the supposed "amazing" sound would outweigh the cost and/or possible troubles/pain-in-the-ass with installing.

Let me know what you think.

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Dont know about the floyd, but I have a fishman strat style trem with piezos, and I am very happy with it.

Currently I am running it with nylon strings on a strat guitar. I have them wires right to the jack, no volume pot, since it needed a 5meg pot.

no pre amp as well, right into my processor, it is louder then my piezo preamped acoustic/electric nylon guitars.

however I have played a godin with the rmc pickups, and found 2 string really out of balance volume wise. I dont know if the guitar had been damaged, or perhaps an issues with the strings. but not impressed.

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I put a set of Graph Tech Ghost piezo saddles (same thing you are looking at except minus the actual floyd tremolo) in my strat a few months ago. The install wasn't too bad and I love the sound. No complaints. The acoustiphonic preamp has 1 gain control that works across all 6 strings, BTW. There is a secondary preamp, called the hexaphonic preamp that you can get in addition that sends each string's individual signal through a 13-pin connector... I didn't feel the need to go that far though.

See the original thread here. There are souns samples as well.

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