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Fs A Mess Of Pickups (new And Used) - Dimarzio, Vintage Vibe, Tv Jones

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More house cleaning....I've posted photos after every item so be sure to go through the entire post. All prices incude shipping

DiMarzio Bluesbucker black standard-spaced $50 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT

DiMarzio Bluesbucker black F-spaced $50 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT

DiMarzio Air Zone gold F-Spaced $50


DiMarzio Virtual Hot PAF Bridge Chrome F-spaced wax potted $35


2 DiMarzio Cruisers - NEW (DP187) $40 each1 ON HOLD, 1 STILL AVAILABLE


DiMarzio PAF Classic Bridge Gold F-spaced wax potted $35 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT

DiMarzio Protrack Bridge - NEW (DP188) $40


Vintage Vibe HB size single coil blade neck TORTOISE - NEW (basically an HB sized P90) SOLD

TV Jones TV Tron and TV Tron Plus Gold NEW (HB sized Filtertrons) - $90 each


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